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    Vaulable External Network

    PBN gave us access to a valuable external network that gave us exteded posibilities.

    Jasmina Najem
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    Ambassador Gothenburg

    PBN game us access to a valuable external network that gave us exteded posibilities.

    Yahya Rahma
Frontiers- International Resources

Worldwide you find expertise to hire.
Our members are important assets and frontiers in a fast-turning world.
We recruit, consult and develop your projects.

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Our Members
Become a part of a growing community and have access to thousands of members.
What we do
Our members get full advantage of the activities we and our partners hosts.

Monthly Meetups

We arrange monthly networking meetups with the purpose to learn more about each other and share our experiences.


Every month you will be match with someone for a one to one session. The objectives is learn the details in each others businesses and find mutual touch points.


Take advantage of our seminars and courses with different topics by lectures from all over the world. It’s a perfect why to improve your soft and hard skills.

Trade Delegation

Join our trips to learn about new markets and create better understanding of that particular market. You will be welcomed by local members and invited to their local business networks.

Business events

We arrange business events, jointly or by our selfs where we invite participants that creates added values for you and your business.

Business Opportunities

People do business with people they like. Your business opportunities will increase the participation in a ”givers-gain team’ where you find trust and confidence.

Social Responsibility

Our Identity is our Business
Strengthening Palestinians around the world is our number one mission. As a PBN member, you will get the opportunity to grow as an individual in a collective community with a givers gain mindset.

You will also get the important task to contribute to many of our social projects.

How to contribute and become a member


You have run one or several successful businesses and want to meet others in the same phase as you to share and gain knowledge and business opportunities on an international level. You also want to contribute with social responsibility.


You are a startup, business, or represent a company and want to take advantage of a local-focused business network with international linkages.


As a University student, you have a unique opportunity to exercise your skill sets and gain experience by engaging in a business network. You have the ability to apply for internships and be part of the network team.

Who are we?
We are a devoted team and with a givers gain mindset.
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